New Lecture Hall and classrooms for Somerset College

The new lecture hall and classrooms building for Somerset College is a double storey structure constructed of a combination of reinforced concrete bases, -columns, -beams and -slabs with in-fill brickwork walls between the reinforced columns. The ground floor consists of infill concrete surface bed slabs, cast between the brickwork, and the first floor is constructed of suspended two-way spanning reinforced concrete slabs. The roof structure consists of a reinforced concrete roof slab over the middle section of the building with timber trusses with steel roofing on either side of the middle section.

The thickness of the first floor reinforced concrete slabs were increased to span over the ground floor classrooms and lecture hall areas in order to avoid having to place supporting columns in the open areas.

Location: Stellenbosch

Client Name: Vredelus LTD

Engineering Disciplines Involved: Structural and Civil Engineering