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More about NWE Consulting Engineers

We are a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company with extensive experience in the engineering disciplines of civil, structural, roads, transportation, mechanical and electrical engineering in co-operation with trusted specialist sub-consultants.
Our aim is to evaluate each project with an innovative approach to deliver a superior service that will meet our client’s expectations and approval.


To provide a professional service of the highest standard, and one which meets all the client’s requirements with regard to costs, quality, duration and management.



To undertake projects in cooperation with communities in order to meet their needs and aspirations and to provide employment opportunities which contribute towards the overall benefit of the country.


To design and manage the implementation of projects in such a manner as to minimize any pollution, harm to the environment, or ecological disturbance; furthermore, to strictly adhere to the regulations of relevant authorities.


To maintain a well qualified and efficient staff complement through the provision of good remuneration packages, pleasant working conditions, recognition, excellent resources, efficient leadership and a friendly working environment.
We endorse and apply the principles of equal opportunity and the equality of all individuals in all respects.

Quality Management

The principle objective of NWE is to achieve and exceed its clients specified requirements in the course of the delivery of a professional services by means of value engineering, initiative, technical innovation and excellence, as well as the result of efficient management, professional work and the implementation of the Quality Management System ( QMS).

NWE recognises that quality results from good management, organisation, planning, communication and teamwork. A QMS, in which self-verification and improvements are the goals, will ensure that quality will be achieved in all phases of work. To achieve its objectives NWE is committed to the maintenance of a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

In terms of this policy, all employees of the company are expected to deliver their best efforts in order to achieve a high quality of professional work to satisfy client requirements and produce completed projects of which the company can be proud.

Community Involvement

Our firm specialises in the community participation process. We have been involved with numerous communities, providing assistance, imparting knowledge and guiding them through the entire process in order to obtain houses/community facilities.

All this work is done up-front, with no remuneration unless and until an actual project materialises and funds are obtained.

In the implementation phase of community projects, we involve the community as far as is possible to create training and employment opportunities during the project. We therefore, pride ourselves for ensuring that on completion of the project we leave a number of better skilled community members who become employable in future.

Our firm also played a leading role in the Bloekombos project, the first and largest accredited and fully labour-based construction project to date in the Western Cape. Our knowledge and experience has since been used on numerous civil, housing and community facility projects.

For your peace of mind, NWE Consulting Engineers is registered with Consulting Engineers South Africa (Reg No 756). We are dedicated to maintain a strict ethical code and deliver a professional service of the highest quality.