Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Services - NWE Consulting Engineers

NWE Consulting Engineers offer sustainable, cost effective engineering services, all under one roof. We have extensive experience in the engineering services of civil, structural, roads and transportation, mechanical, electrical, dam, hydro-power and mine related infrastructure engineering.
NWE Consulting Engineers - Civil Engineering Services


NWE Consulting Engineers has extensive experience in civil engineering services covering all aspects of large scale bulk and localised urban infrastructure including urban roads, stormwater management systems, foul sewer networks and potable water reticulation networks. Our engineers have the capability to deal both quantitatively and qualitatively with concepts, designs procurement and operations of major civil engineering projects. We are experienced in the design, contract administration and construction supervision of civil engineering projects in the public and private sectors, as well as community based works programmes.

Department Head:  Michael Smuts

Municipal Infrastructure

–   Master plan investigations (structure plans)
–   Sustainable urban stormwater drainage systems
–   Sewerage systems (gravity and pressure reticulation systems)
–   Portable water reticulation systems (pressure and non-pressurised systems)
–   Urban Roads

Specialised Services

– Bulk Earthworks
– Hydrology and Hydraulics
– Building related infrastructure
– Engineering and topographical surveying
– Natural and artificial turf sports facilities
– Airport infrastructure, runways & taxiways
– Geotechnical engineering
– Agriculture Engineering


The electrical discipline at NWE Consulting Engineers has vast experience in projects covering the areas mentioned below. We strive to stay on the forefront of development, both technological as well as practical. An effort is made to get involved in new areas for example green/renewable energy generation. The vision is to deliver projects of high quality, at the right price conforming to client expectations.

Department Head:  Jaundré Duvenhage

Building Services

–   Communication (telephone, intercom and nurse call)
–   Security systems
–   Standby power systems (UPS & generator)
–   Building management systems (BMS)
–   Fire detection and evacuation
–   Lighting systems and control
–   Power systems
–   Mains connections
–   Lightning protection
–   Audio visual systems
–   IT backbone
–   CCTV
–   Access control, and time attendance
–   Asset control
–   Public address (PA)

Distribution And Reticulation

–   TV antenna networks
–   LV reticulation
–   MV reticulation
–   Master plan developments
–   Overhead lines
–   Sub-stations (MV & HV)
–   Street and high mast area lighting
–   SF6 oil and vacuum switchgear

Energy Management

–   Instrumentation
–   Control systems
–   System integration
–   General process control
–   Data acquisition and maximum demand analysis
–   Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
–   Renewable energy (wind, PV and CS)

NWE Consulting Engineers - Electrical Engineering Services
NWE Consulting Engineers - Mechanical Engineering Services


The Mechanical Engineering Department at NWE Consulting Engineers has a wide range of project experience ranging from Building Services for Office Blocks, Training Facilities and Industrial Buildings through Plant Engineering for Food and Beverage Processing to Renewable Energy Plant Design and Development.

Department Head:  Christoff  van Wyk

Building Services

–   Building management System (BMS)
–   Water Management
–   Plumbing – hot and cold water, sewerage
–   Hot Water Generation
–   Fire protection
–   Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & control
–   Lifts and escalators
–   Rational fire design
–   Energy Efficiency

Industrial Services

–   Process control
–   Material handling systems
–   Equipment design and selection
–   Cranes and crawl beams
–   Dust extraction
–   Paint booths
–   Process piping
–   Boilers, Steam Piping & Heat Exchangers
–   Factory layouts
–   Industrial ovens
–   Medical gas distribution
–   Vacuum systems
–   Compressed air reticulation
–   Industrial gas reticulation


The structural department at NWE Consulting Engineers, with its staff compliment of experienced engineers and technical staff, has been involved in a wide variety of structural engineering projects. Structural projects from small to large have been successfully completed in both the public and private sector in Southern Africa.

The structural department provides comprehensive (sustainable, economical and buildable) solutions spanning the life cycle of the structures from conception through to design, construction and commissioning. We ensure that these solutions meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Environmental friendly structures are always a design goal and therefore we specialize in Green Building certification.

Department Head:  Charl de Jager


We use advanced structural draughting, – analysis, and – simulation software, such as Autodesk AEC Collection (REVIT, AUTOCAD, NAVISWORKS, AUTOCAD PLANT 3D, RECAP PRO, ROBOT etc.) and PROKON-SUMO. With these software we can generate intelligent 3D models of the structures and therefore our models can be incorporated in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes of the professional teams on the projects.


An increasing number of existing rundown inner-city buildings are transformed and restored for new uses. The structural department is capable of identifying the structural conditions of existing building structures, presenting a range of design options, and working closely with our clients to develop cost-effective, value-filled solutions for building expansions or renovations.

Investigations, Reviews and Assessments

We inspect buildings where damage and/or failure have occurred. We produce reports that describe the nature of the problem, the cause, and options for remedial action (including estimated budget costs for implementation). We are able to provide third-party design reviews of all types of structures to clients. A full-scale review report that argues all the aspects of the original design is presented to the client. We evaluate all probabilities and risks associated with the original design, and draw a conclusion on its validity.


  • High-end homes and mansions
  • Multi-storey and high rise buildings
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Educational facilities
  • Health-care facilities
  • Depots
  • Auditoriums
  • Hotels, resorts and recreation facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Processing Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Cold room storage facilities
  • Bulk materials handling supporting structures
  • Fuel service facilities
  • Supporting structures for vibrating equipment
  • Pipe-support structures
  • Material handling – Skid Stackers
  • Conveyor-supporting structures, transfer stations etc.
  • Product-storage facilities
  • MCC buildings
  • Pump houses
  • Cooling-water systems – cooling towers
  • Waste-water treatment facilities
  • Chimneys – stacks
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Reservoirs

Building Materials

  • Reinforced in-situ concrete,
  • Post-tensioning concrete,
  • Pre-cast concrete,
  • Masonry,
  • Timber,
  • Shipping containers,
  • Structural steel,
  • Light weight steel
  • Aluminium frames and
  • All other type of light-weight materials
NWE Consulting Engineers - Structural Engineering Services
NWE Consulting Engineers - Roads & Transportation Engineering Services


The management team of the roads and transportation division of NWE consists of senior engineers with extensive experience gained while being employed by some of the largest and well-known Consulting Engineering Companies in South Africa. Projects have been undertaken for almost all the state road authorities in South Africa as well as various local authorities, large private bodies and authorities in neighbouring SADC countries.

Department Head:  Wouter Engelbrecht

Transportation Planning

–   Traffic and transportation modelling
–   Transportation and road planning
–   Traffic impact studies
–   Public transport systems and facilities
–   Road safety audits
–   Financial and economic feasibility studies
–   Transportation policy and legislation
–   Toll road feasibility studies

Road Related Services

–   Feasibility
–   Route evaluation and location
–   Consultation with authorities and public
–   Environmental impact assessments
–   Negotiation with utility owners
–   Geometric and pavement designs
–   Geotechnical investigation
–   Bridge and retaining wall designs
–   Hydrological studies
–   Stormwater drainage design
–   Bridge and major culvert hydraulics
–   Rehabilitation of existing surfaced and un-surfaced roads, bridges
and stormwater drainage structure
–   Road management systems including pavement and asset management
–   The interpretation of intrusive testing
–   Project documentation and tender evaluation
–   Construction management and site supervision


NWE Consulting Engineers has extensive experience in dam engineering services covering all aspects, inception-, pre-feasibility-, and feasibility studies. Our engineers have the capability to deal both quantitatively and qualitatively with concepts, designs procurement and operations of dam engineering projects. We are experienced in the design, contract administration and construction supervision of dam engineering projects in the public and private sectors, as well as community based works programmes.

Department Head:  Dawid Marais

Dam Engineering

–   Hydraulic analysis and design
–   Structural analysis and -design
–   Hydrological analysis
–   Flood rooting and dam break analysis
–   Diversion structures
–   Hydraulic equipment design
–   Instrumentation & monitoring systems
–   Environmental services
–   Project costing & finance modelling
–   Contract documentation & adjudication
–   Contract supervision

Geology & Geotechnics

–   Geotechnical and geotechnical analysis
–   Seismic risk analysis
–   Slope stability
–   Slope stability of surface excavations
–   Profiling test holes for materials
–   Material analysis
–   Contract supervision

Water resources & Hydrological studies

–   Water demand
–   Surface run-off
–   Hydrological studies
–   Yield determination of catchment
–   Yield risk assessment


–   Integrated power
–   Optimisation
–   Hydrologic equipment design
–   Structural analysis and design
–   Instrumentation and monitoring
–   Ecological reserve determination
–   Risk assessment
–   Power transmission
–   Project costing & finance modelling
–   Contract documentation & adjudication
–   Contract supervision

NWE Consulting Engineers - Dam & Hydropower Engineering Services
NWE Consulting Engineers - Mine related Infrastructure Engineering Services


The planning and design of mining infrastructure relies on the input of the civil, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines. Our experience in this area covers feasibility studies, front-end engineering design, detail engineering design, project management and construction supervision of a wide variety of mining infrastructure.

Department Head: Charl de Jager


–   Environmental studies
–   Water balance modelling
–   Waste characterization and management
–   Strategic planning for tailings and water management
–   Tailing Storage facility
–   Water supply
–   Flood studies
–   Pipeline analysis and design
–   Seepage control and contamination assessment
–   Water quality assessment
–   Diversion structures, storm water controls and spillways
–   Waste Water treatment facilities

Mine Facility Design

–   Bulk materials handling structures
–   Conveyor supporting structures, transfer stations etc.
–   Material Stackers (radial, skid etc.)
–   Crusher support structures
–   Product Storage Facilities
–   MCC Buildings
–   Pump Houses
–   Heavy industrial structural steel buildings
–   Fuel facilities
–   Heavy Duty Wash Bays
–   Processing plant infrastructure
–   Power distribution and reticulation

Bulk Earthworks

–   Geotechnical and materials Investigation
–   ROM Tips and feeders including retaining walls
–   Haul road design
–   Overland terraces and service roads
–   Overburden and waste rock stockpiles
–   Hard parks for mining equipment


NWE has experience project managers in the fields of project management, contracts management, programme management and financial / risk management in order to assist International-, National- and Local Governmental Clients as well as private educational institutions and associated property developers.

Department Head:  Willem Ehlers

Project Investigation

–   Investigations and reports
–   Feasibility studies

Project Planning

–   Critical path analyses
–   Programming of activities
–   Organization and co-ordination
–   Community liaison

Financial Control

–   Cost estimates
–   Cost predictions and reports
–   Subsidy applications
–   Cost control

Project Construction

–   Site management and supervision
–   Quality assurance
–   Contract administration
–   Materials control
–   Inspections during manufacturing
–   Commissioning of projects

NWE Consulting Engineers - Project Management Engineering Services
NWE Consulting Engineers - Additional Services


Property Development Feasibility Studies

–   Property development viability evaluation with the help of our own in-house
software (Pro Pac 5)

–   Compilation of financial business plans (including a project program, cash-
flow & viability summary)