Covid-19 Impact On The World Of Project Management
The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to our business environments to say the least. We have all been forced to change the way we do business. Now that we’ve had some practice in dealing with this challenging pandemic, what have we learned?
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Pro PAC 5 Is Here
Manage your risk and reap the rewards, with the help of NWE’s latest release of their in-house project feasibility program.
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How Clean Is The Air We Breathe Indoors?
Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outside air. For a generation that spends most of our time indoors, not to mention our now locked down reality, a better understanding of indoor air quality (IAQ) and healthy lifestyle changes can make all the difference.
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An Interview With Wouter Engelbrecht, CEO Of NWE Consulting Engineers
In many ways the culture of an organisation finds its roots from its founder and his unique perspectives and business beliefs. Wouter Engelbrecht, founder and CEO of NWE Consulting Engineers has a wealth of experience and is an entrepreneur at heart.
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The Art Of Preserving Our Heritage Buildings
The tricky truth to how NWE preserved the Jazz Workshop Building when designing the new City Depot on the corner of Buitengracht Street and Hout Street, Cape Town.
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